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We Offer Professional Cleaning Services Throughout Cornwall

Kernow Home Cleans is a professional cleaning company in Cornwall, that provides a wide range of cleaning services to homes and businesses throughout the county. We aim to provide the best end-of-tenancy cleaning, house deep cleaning, after-builder cleaning, holiday let cleaning, and commercial cleaning services that cater to all your property needs.

We are located in Redruth and have plenty of local area knowledge, so whether you are in the countryside, on the coast, or in a town or village, we would love you to experience our high cleaning standards first-hand.

We have lived in Cornwall all our lives and appreciate everything about it, including the people, the scenery, and the community spirit, which is why we pride ourselves in providing a friendly and professional service throughout this beautiful county.

Our Service Areas

Below is just a sample of the areas that we visit, as there are far too many to mention. If you live in Cornwall and are looking for a cleaning company that you can trust, please get in touch.

Our Range of Cleaning Services In Cornwall

professional house cleaning services cornwall

House Deep Cleaning (Cornwall)

Experience our deep cleaning service in Cornwall, we don’t just clean, we revitalize your living space, removing deeply ingrained dirt and grime that may have hidden for far too long.

Our deep cleaning isn’t just about the removal of dirt, it’s a transformation, unveiling the true splendor of your home, and creating a space that radiates freshness and charm for you and your family to enjoy.

commercial cleaning cornwall

Commercial Deep Cleaning (Cornwall)

For businesses in Cornwall, maintaining a pristine and hygienic workspace is paramount.

Our Commercial Deep Cleaning service is tailored to meet the rigorous cleanliness standards of Cornwall’s thriving commercial sector. Our advanced deep cleaning techniques ensure that every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned.

We go beyond surface-level cleaning, addressing embedded dirt, grime, and maintaining a high level of hygiene.

Whether you’re a local business or a corporation operating in Cornwall, our professional Commercial Deep Cleaning service will help create a clean, productive, and welcoming environment that’s in sync with Cornwall’s vibrant business landscape.

Let us take care of the cleaning so you can focus on your business.

end of tenancy cleaning service cornwall

End Of Tenancy Cleaning (Cornwall)

Our end-of-tenancy cleaning service in Cornwall ensures a seamless transition between tenancies and is suitable for letting agents, landlords, and tenants.

If you are a tenant, we meticulously clean every nook and cranny, helping you secure your deposit back.

For letting agents and landlords, we will ensure a fresh, clean property that meets the needs of your new tenants, while setting a standard for them to match at the end of their tenancy.

You can trust us to handle your end-of-tenancy cleaning needs, wherever you are Cornwall.

After Builder Cleaning Service In Cornwall

After Builder Cleans (Cornwall)

Our after builder cleans are equipped to transform your post-construction site in Cornwall from a dusty and musty environment into a clean and fresh space.

We pay meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring that your property not only looks pristine but also smells inviting.

Whether you’ve just completed a renovation or a new build in Cornwall, our Post-Construction Cleaning service is designed to restore your space to its original glory, making it sparkle and ready for you to enjoy.

oven cleaning service

Oven Cleaning (Cornwall)

Cornwall’s culinary traditions deserve a sparkling oven. Our Oven Cleaning service ensures your kitchen appliance is clean and up to the task.

Wherever you are in Cornwall, trust us to rejuvinate your oven, to prolong its life, brighten up your kitchen, and bring back the flavor to your meals.

carpet cleaning service

Carpet Cleaning (Cornwall)

Carpets play a vital role in creating a cozy ambiance. Our Carpet Cleaning service in Cornwall uses professional equipment that penetrates deep into the fibers, removing embedded dirt and allergens.

Whether you have a home, coastal cottage or a business in Cornwall, our professional carpet cleaning enhances both the aesthetics and air quality of your space.

cornwall holiday let cleaning

Holiday Let Cleaners (Cornwall)

Cornwall’s holiday let market is bustling, and our Holiday Let Cleaning service caters to your property’s unique demands.

We will help maintain a pristine environment that attracts guests and keeps them coming back.

Let us take care of your holiday property cleaning needs, so your guests can enjoy Cornwall’s vibrant tourism scene, and you can enjoy hundreds of positive reviews.

domestic cleaning service

General Domestic Cleaning Service (Cornwall)

Want something a little different? Maybe you have a property in Cornwall that requires a smaller domestic clean on a regular basis or a larger job that isn’t covered on our website?

We are happy to look at all jobs and like to help out where possible. So no matter how big or small your needs are, get in touch for a bespoke service.

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