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Professional Cleaning Services In Penzance

Penzance is one of Kernow Home Cleans favourite locations in Cornwall, with its bustling summer tourist trade or crisp cold winters looking over the water at St Michael’s Mount we are always happy to visit. We offer a wide range of professional cleaning services and already have quite a portfolio of clients which we would love you to join.

Whatever your cleaning needs, we will provide our high standards to the residents of Penzance. Our experienced cleaners bring a fresh approach to cleaning, offering quality end-of-tenancy cleaning, house deep cleaning, after-builder cleaning, holiday let cleaning, and commercial cleaning services, which ensures your home or business in Penzance shimmers like the water on a sunny day.

Enjoy Penzance While We Manage the Cleaning

While our cleaners are happy to work around you, don’t feel you need to stay at home. We are happy to manage the cleaning while you make the most of your free time.

Living in Penzance, you probably already know that there is so much to do. Take a shopping trip and catch up with friends, or take a trip up to Marazion and visit the Mount. If you haven’t already, why not take a dip in the newly refurbished Jubilee Pool with its naturally heated seawater?

Whatever you decide, relax and enjoy yourself before returning to your freshly cleaned and inviting home.

Our Range of Cleaning Services in Penzance

professional house cleaning services cornwall

House Deep Cleaning In Penzance

At Kernow Home Cleans, we take immense pride in our house deep cleaning service, meticulously curated to unveil the innate beauty of your Penzance dwelling. We recognize that beneath the surface, the accumulation of dirt and grime can obscure your home’s overall allure.

Our approach to cleaning promises living spaces as fresh as the coastal air. What sets our cleaners apart is our utilization of professional equipment, including high-temperature steam, high-power brushes, and other cutting-edge tools, ensuring the highest level of disinfection and sanitization. We go beyond the ordinary, achieving a professional finish that restores your property to its former glory.

With our comprehensive cleaning checklist and an array of specialized equipment, we delve into the often neglected areas, unreachable by standard cleaning methods. Our house deep cleaning service is more than just cleanliness; it’s about revitalizing your living spaces, ensuring every nook and cranny shines, and creating an atmosphere that’s both fresh and inviting. A true reflection of Penzance’s unique beauty.

commercial cleaning cornwall

Commercial Deep Cleaning In Penzance

At the heart of Penzance’s vibrancy, we understand the specific demands of commercial environments. Kernow Home Cleans is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that enhance your business. Our commercial deep cleaning service harnesses the right equipment and methodologies, adhering to the elevated standards expected by Penzance’s businesses.

We understand the paramount importance of preserving a pristine and hygienic workspace. Our experienced cleaners are adept at addressing the unique challenges of commercial cleaning, allowing you to concentrate on your business needs while we manage the cleaning.

At Kernow Home Cleans, we strive to provide a professional, top-quality service that mirrors Penzance’s dynamic business landscape, ensuring your commercial space remains immaculate, and welcoming, exuding a professional ambience.

end of tenancy cleaning service cornwall

End Of Tenancy Cleaning In Penzance

For letting agents, property owners, and tenants in Penzance, our end-of-tenancy cleaning service guarantees that each property is professionally cleaned and restored to its original standard, facilitating both deposit returns and readiness for the next occupants.

We fully grasp the importance of an efficient and comprehensive end-of-tenancy cleaning process. Our dedicated team of cleaners meticulously adhere to a comprehensive checklist, leaving no corner unattended. Our aim is to bring your Penzance property back to its pristine condition, in line with the high standards expected in this charming seaside town.

Whether you’re a letting agent, property owner, or tenant, our service streamlines the transition, giving you the confidence that your Penzance property is in top-notch condition.

After Builder Cleaning Service In Cornwall

After Builder Cleans In Penzance

If you’re Penzance property has recently undergone construction work, be it major or minor, Kernow Home Cleans has the answer. Our post-construction cleaning services, commonly known as “sparkle cleans,” are customized to revitalize your post-construction property into a clean and polished space.

We’ll banish the dust, dirt, and lingering odours, leaving your freshly renovated property clean, sanitised, and smelling fresh, making it a welcoming space for you to enjoy.

oven cleaning service

Oven Cleaning In Penzance

If you reside in Penzance and have an oven that requires a comprehensive clean, Kernow Home Cleans has the solution. Our specialized oven cleaning service is meticulously designed to rejuvenate your oven, ensuring it not only sparkles with cleanliness but also operates like new.

Over time, ovens tend to accumulate grease, grime, and stubborn residues that can affect the taste of your food and potentially reduce the appliance’s lifespan.

Our process involves a partial disassembly and cleaning of every component, from the racks to the interior, targeting even the most persistent stains. When we’re finished, your oven will radiate freshness and be fully prepared for use.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business in Penzance seeking a pristine oven, our service ensures your kitchen appliance operates at its best.

carpet cleaning service

Carpet Cleaning In Penzance

Carpets are often forgotten during the cleaning process. For businesses and property owners in the Penzance area, our carpet cleaning service is the secret to breathing new life into your carpets, banishing dullness, stains, and lingering odours.

Over time, carpets become silent collectors of dirt, allergens, and stubborn stains, impacting not only the air quality but also the overall allure of your property. Our carpet cleaning service harnesses professional equipment, delivering a deep and comprehensive clean.

We don’t settle for superficial results; our process delves deep into the fibres, eliminating embedded dirt and allergens, and leaving your carpets looking and smelling fresh.

Whether you’re a local business or a property owner in Penzance, our service rejuvenates your carpets, enhancing your space in a style as unique as the town itself.

cornwall holiday let cleaning

Holiday Let Cleaners In Penzance

Recognizing the paramount importance of an immaculate environment for Penzance’s holiday lets, Kernow Home Cleans is committed to delivering excellence.

Whether you own cosy cottages or spacious holiday homes, our tailored holiday let cleaning service is meticulously designed to ensure your guests enjoy a memorable and immaculate stay.

Regardless of the number of properties under your care, we’re here to lighten the load. We synchronize our cleaning schedule with your guest check-ins and check-outs, ensuring each property is in its finest condition for the next guest.

Once we’ve worked our magic, glowing reviews are bound to flood in, enhancing your reputation in beautiful Penzance.

domestic cleaning service

General Domestic Cleaning Service In Penzance

Seeking something different? Whether it’s a routine domestic clean or a specialized task not featured on our website, Kernow Home Cleans is here to fulfil all your cleaning needs in Penzance. We try our best to assist and provide tailored solutions to meet your requirements, no matter the scope.

For personalized, professional cleaning services in Penzance, reach out to Kernow Home Cleans and experience top-quality service with a touch of local charm.

Why Choose Kernow Home Cleans For Your Cleaning in Penzance?

  • Situated Locally: Penzance is right on our doorstep and we already have a number of regular clients in the area.
  • Professionalism: We pride ourselves on our professional approach. Our skilled and seasoned cleaning team is committed to delivering exceptional results every time.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: We use steam and eco-friendly products and techniques to remain as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • Customized Solutions: Recognizing the individuality of every space, we collaborate closely with our clients, fashioning customized cleaning plans that align with their unique needs.
  • Competitive Pricing: Our pricing is competitive and transparent, ensuring you receive excellent value for your investment in cleanliness and hygiene in Penzance.


Join The Ranks Of Other Satisfied Customers in Penzance
Kernow Home Cleans truly delivered on their promise. I hired them for an end-of-tenancy clean, and the results were outstanding.
The property looked impeccable, and I had no trouble getting my deposit back. Thanks to their thorough and professional service.
Kernow Home Cleans took care of our Penzance holiday let cleaning, and the difference is noticeable.
They’re well-organized, and their cleaning leaves a lasting impression on our guests. It’s a real asset to our property management.
Our oven was in desperate need of attention, and Kernow Home Cleans did an excellent job. it looks and works like a new oven.

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