After Builder Cleaning Service In Cornwall

Our after-builder cleans get rid of the dust, dirt, and odours left behind after building and renovation work to your Cornwall property.

After Builder Cleaning Service

If you have just had the builders in to renovate and update your beautiful Cornish property, the dust left behind will be everywhere. Dust coats the inside of windows and all surfaces throughout the property. It embeds in your carpets and rugs and finds its way into every nook and cranny.

There is nothing worse than post-renovation dust. Every time you wipe it away, any movement sends a fresh plume into the air just waiting to settle, and it’s often overwhelming, to know where to start.

Our Cornwall based after builders cleaning service is designed to target all of the areas that dust settles onto (and into), and any debris your builders have left behind so that your property will be clean, dust-free, and smelling fresh again, ready for you to enjoy.

We use professional equipment to get into all of the tiny areas so that we can erase any remnants that your builders have left behind.

After Builder Cleaning Service Cornwall

What Does After Builders Cleaning Cover?

A post-builder clean focuses on dust removal and all dirt left behind after renovation work such as dirty footprints, hand prints, and bathroom or kitchen usage. A final cleaning for builders also leaves your home smelling fresh and sparkly.

Below are some examples of what we include in an after-builders clean:

  • Intensive Vacuuming Of Surfaces, Walls, Windows, And Floors Before We Begin, And A Further Vacuum At The End.
  • Complete, Top-To-Bottom Damp Dusting Of Your Property, Including (but not limited to) Cupboard Tops, Inside Cupboards, Ceilings, Walls, Skirting Boards, Door Frames, Window Frames, Switches, And Light Fittings.
  • Full Bathroom Clean, Removing Dust And Dirt, Cleaning And Polishing Glass, Mirrors, And Chrome. Wiping Dust From Grouting And Polishing Tiles And Flooring.
  • Toilet Cleaning, Internal And External, Under And Behind, Sanitising With High-Temperature Steam Cleaning Or Chemicals.
  • Kitchen Cleaning Around And Under Worktops, Appliances, Inside And On Top Of Cupboards. Cleaning Hard Floors And Tiles.
  • External Cooker Tops, Extractor Hoods, Oven Doors.
  • Air Vents And Window Vents Cleaned Throughout The Property.
  • Clean Inside Window And Door Frames (including grooves and areas visible when they are open).
  • Remove Dust And Dirt From Inside And Behind Radiators.
  • Removal Of Fresh Paint Splatters Where Possible, Especially On Glass Or Hard Surfaces.
  • Internal Window Glass And Mirrors Cleaned And Polished.
  • And All Other Areas Where Dust Or Dirt Has Been Left Behind From Building Work.
  • Experienced Cleaners Carry Out All Cleaning.

*These are examples of areas covered during our after-builder cleans. Some properties require more intensive cleaning in specific areas while other areas may only require heavy dusting (also based on agreed time restraints).

After Builders Cleaning Gallery

Our Service Areas

Below is just a sample of the areas that we visit, as there are far too many to mention. If you live in Cornwall and are looking for a cleaning company that you can trust, please get in touch.

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As with all of our cleans, the cost depends on the property size and its condition.

Costs typically range from £120 for a small property with light dust, and up to £450+ for a large property with heavy dust throughout, on hard floors and carpets, walls, windows and frames, along with other construction mess such as hand marks, footprints, and general dirt.

Our typical estimates are between £150 and £320. We request a deposit of 70% beforehand and if we are quicker than expected we will refund the difference as soon as the job has been completed.

All our estimates are free and can be requested through our quotation form.

While estimates are usually quite accurate, providing a precise description of the property is essential.

If the property is larger than reported, and the level of dust and mess is more than described, then we will be unable to provide our usual high standard of cleaning.

In this situation, we will either need to increase the cost (if agreed upon beforehand), provide a lower standard of cleaning evenly throughout, or focus our time on the worst areas.

We have public liability insurance which covers any injuries that you sustain or damage to your property, however, you will be pleased to know that we have yet to injure any customer or their property.