Commercial Deep Cleaning in Cornwall

Our commercial deep cleans provide a fresh, clean, and sanitised environment to promote a healthy, productive workforce, and for happy customers.

Commercial Deep Cleaning Service

Our office and workplace deep cleaning service is the perfect solution if you want a sanitary environment that looks clean and smells fresh.

There are only so many hours in a day, and using staff to clean your office or workplace will often have a negative impact elsewhere.

Unless you have a dedicated cleaning team, it’s inevitable that in time your workplace will need a thorough clean as the build-up of dust and germs will cause smells and illness, from those pesky winter bugs. It’s especially important to be hygiene conscious since the emergence of Covid-19.

Our deep cleans will brighten, sanitise, and freshen your workplace keeping it looking professional for your customers, and adding some comfort for your staff, keeping them happy and healthy.

We are happy to carry out our deep cleans during or after opening hours to suit you.

Commercial Cleaning Company In Cornwall

What Does Commercial Deep Cleaning Cover?

Whether we are cleaning a home or a commercial space, deep cleans are meant to be thorough and that’s how we treat them. Although there are always time constraints, we aim to cover every inch of your house, especially those areas often forgotten, and we concentrate on the areas most widely used and important to you.

Below are some examples of what we include in a commercial deep clean:

  • General Dust Throughout The Property From High Level To Low Level.
  • Clean Inside Windows And Door Frames (including areas visible when they are open).
  • Cleaning Vents And Radiators (Inside & Behind).
  • Thorough Clean Of Washrooms, Sanitising With High Temperature Steam And/Or Chemicals. Includes Wash Basins, Toilets, Urinals, Other Washing Facilities, Mirrors, Floors, And Grouting.
  • Full Clean Of Kitchens And Break Rooms, Sanitising On Top Of Cupboards, Sinks, Work Tops, Hard Floors And Tiles, Removing Grease, Dust, And Built Up Food Particles.
  • Fridge Cleaned To Remove Old Food Particles And Stains.
  • Desks, Other Work Areas And Waiting Areas Thoroughly CLeaned And Sanitised.
  • Cleaning All Skirting Boards, Removing Dust, Marks, And Shoe Scuffs.
  • General Cleaning Of Doors And Walls To Remove Greasy Hand Marks Or Stains.
  • Mould Treatments In Affected Areas.
  • Lampshades Dusted. Switches And Plug Sockets Cleaned.
  • Carpet Vacuuming And Hard Floor Cleaning.
  • Internal Windows And Mirrors Cleaned.
  • Cobwebs Removed From Corners, Walls, Ceilings, Behind Cupboards etc.
  • And Much More Dependent On Individual Property Requirements.
  • All Cleaning Is Carried Out By Experienced Cleaners.

*These are examples of areas covered during a deep clean. Some workplaces require more intensive cleaning in specific areas while other areas may only require general cleaning (also based on agreed time restraints).

Commercial Deep Cleaning Gallery

Our Service Areas

Below is just a sample of the areas that we visit, as there are far too many to mention. If you live in Cornwall and are looking for a cleaning company that you can trust, please get in touch.

do you have a question?

We have answered some of the most common questions below, however, you can also visit our main FAQ page for more general questions. 

Alternatively, if you have a specific question that we haven’t answered, please get in touch via our contact page using the button below.

As with all of our cleaning services, the price is dependent on the type of cleaning required, the size of the property that needs to be cleaned, and its current condition.

Sanitization requires specialist equipment such as steam cleaners and/or chemicals and it will take longer to cover all areas.

A deep clean also requires us to cover all areas, however many of these areas only require a wipe-down.

An example estimate of a property with 3-5 offices (for 3 people), with a staff room, kitchen, bathroom, customer waiting room, and reception, that is moderately dirty and requires a deep clean. Our estimate would be £240 to £340.

Using the same example, with a property that is slightly dirty, requiring a standard clean, our estimate would be £120 to £220.

Estimates are free for all of our services and can be obtained through our quotation form, just choose your service and fill in the details as accurately as possible for an accurate quote.

If the description of property size or cleanliness level is inaccurate, we will be unable to provide our usual high standard of cleaning in the allocated time.

In this situation, we would increase the allocated time and cost (with your approval), clean evenly throughout at a reduced standard, or focus our time on the most important areas.

We have public liability insurance to cover yourselves, your customers, and your property, from any damage caused by ourselves, however, we have never caused any injuries or damage to our client’s properties to date.