house Deep cleaning In Cornwall

House Deep Cleaning is a complete clean of your property, reaching areas that are usually missed, we leave your home clean, sanitised, dust-free, and smelling fresh.

House Deep Cleaning Service

Our Cornwall house deep cleaning service is perfect if you want to bring your property up to its best standard.

Even with regular cleaning, many areas will get missed, and over time, dust builds up, resulting in dust mites and bacteria.

Our home deep cleaning service is a top-to-bottom clean of your home, removing dust build-up, dirt, and grease, leaving your home visibly cleaner and brighter throughout.

We use professional-grade equipment such as steam cleaners and drill brushes to ensure a professional job without damaging surfaces.

House Deep Cleaning Cornwall

What Does Deep Cleaning Cover?

Deep cleans are meant to be thorough and that’s how we treat them. Although there are always time constraints, we aim to cover every inch of your house, especially those areas often forgotten, and we concentrate on the areas most widely used and important to you.

Below are some examples of what we include in a deep clean:

  • Remove Dust From Cupboard Tops.
  • Clean Inside Window And Door Frames (including areas visible when they are open).
  • Remove Dust And Dirt From Inside & Behind Radiators.
  • Full Bathroom Clean, Removing Grease, Scum, And Mould From Taps, Baths, Showers, Tiles & Grouting. Fans Cleaned. Inside & Behind Sinks. Chrome Cleaned And Polished.
  • Toilet Cleaning, Internal And External, Under And Behind, While Sanitising With High-Temperature Steam Cleaning Or Chemicals.
  • Cleaning All Skirting Boards, Removing Dust, Marks, Shoe Scuffs, And Pet Stains.
  • Full Kitchen Cleaning And Sanitising (Inside & On Top Of Cupboards, Sinks, Work Tops, Hard Floors & Tiles) Removing Grease, Dust, And Built Up Food Particles.
  • The Fridge Is Cleaned To Remove Old Food Particles And Stains.
  • External Cooker Tops & Oven Doors (We have a full oven cleaning service available separately.)
  • Air Vents Cleaned.
  • General Cleaning Of Doors And Walls To Remove Greasy Hand Marks Or Stains.
  • Mould Treatments In Affected Areas.
  • Lampshades Dusted. Switches And Plug Sockets Cleaned.
  • Carpet Vacuuming And Hard Floor Cleaning.
  • Internal Windows And Mirrors Cleaned.
  • General Dusting And Cleaning Of All Surfaces.
  • Cobwebs Removed From Corners, Walls, Ceilings, Behind Cupboards etc.
  • And Much More Dependent On Individual Property Requirements.
  • Experienced Cleaners Carry Out All Cleaning.

*These are examples of areas covered during a deep clean. Some properties require more intensive cleaning in specific areas while other areas may only require general cleaning (also based on agreed time restraints).

Deep Cleaning Gallery

Our Service Areas

Below is just a sample of the areas that we visit, as there are far too many to mention. If you live in Cornwall and are looking for a cleaning company that you can trust, please get in touch.

do you have a question?

We have answered some of the most common questions below, however, you can also visit our main FAQ page for more general questions. 

If you have a specific question that we haven’t answered, please get in touch via our contact page using the button below.

House deep cleans typically cover all areas of a property, especially those areas usually missed during normal cleans.

Deep cleans concentrate on making each area clean and sanitary, either through chemical disinfection, or high-temperature steam. Steam cleaning has the benefit of being chemical-free and it reaches areas that are otherwise difficult to access or clean with standard cloths and brushes.

The cost of deep cleaning is dependent on property size and condition. Our current pricing ranges from £150 for a small, slightly dirty property to £600+ for a large, extremely dirty property.

Typical estimates are between £250-£350. We usually request an upper buffer in case the job takes longer than expected to achieve the best result.

If you are on a tight budget, you can stipulate that we stick to the exact quote and we will focus on the most critical areas for a great overall result.

Due to a small number of clients relocating after our cleans without leaving a forwarding address and not answering emails, sadly, we now have to ask for a 70% deposit on booking based on the estimated cost. This is no reflection on any individual customer.

If our cleans are quicker than the estimate we will happily refund anything we owe immediately after completing the work, alternatively, we will invoice you for anything outstanding.

Absolutely! All estimates/quotes are free by completing our quote form. We will get back to you with our deep clean quotation within 1 or 2 hours.

Once you are happy with the quote, we can use the details provided by you on our quotation form to book you in. All we will need is confirmation that you are happy to go ahead via email or text message.

We have Public Liability insurance so you can be safe in the knowledge that we are covered in case we cause you or your property any damage.

It is also worth mentioning that, to date, we have never had any problems, damages, or injuries to report.