Carpet Cleaning In Cornwall

Our carpet cleaning service uses professional equipment that reaches deep into your carpet’s fibres, leaving it clean and smelling fresh.

Our Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpets are a long-term investment and a focal point within a home, but over time, high-traffic areas absorb soil, grease, liquids and any surprises your pet has left behind.

Each carpet fibre is woven deep, and while you can often clean surface stains, deeper stains are more stubborn and difficult to remove.

Our Cornwall carpet cleaning service uses commercial-grade extraction equipment that pushes a mixture of water and chemicals (or natural substances) deep into the carpet fibres to break down grease and other stains before the powerful vacuum pulls the solution (and dirt) back out of the carpet.

Carpet deep-cleaning not only removes most stains and other substances, it also sucks out bacteria, dust mites, and even fleas or their eggs (although it doesn’t replace conventional flea treatments), leaving your carpet looking brighter, softer, and smelling fresher.

Because the powerful extraction sucks out most of the water, your carpets should be completely dry in only a few hours.

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What Does Carpet Cleaning Cover?

Our professional carpet cleaning service suits a single carpet or a whole property and is ideal for most types of rugs or carpets. While carpet shampooing and cleaning typically focuses on the carpet as a whole, stubborn stains may need additional spot treatments using stronger chemicals, or high-temperature steam to break down the embedded substance.

While our equipment is of commercial grade, not all carpets are able to be cleaned fully as certain substances can alter or strip the colour from the carpet fibres. Also, certain substances may not break down under high heat or chemical treatment, so while most heavy stains can be significantly improved, they may not be removed completely.

Below are some examples of what we cover with our carpet cleaning service:

  • Pre-Inspection To Identify High Traffic Areas And Obvious Stains And Discolouration.
  • Pre-Vacuum Removing Loose Soil.
  • For Heavily Worn Or Soiled Carpets, A Chemical (Or Natural) Pre-Treatment Is Applied And Worked Into The Carpet Before Allowing It To Sit For 15-20 Minutes.
  • Heavy Stains Are Pre-Treated With Appropriate Chemicals And Worked In With Brushes To Better Reach The Carpet Fibres.
  • The Carpet Extractor Delivers High-Pressure Fluid Into The Carpet Fibres, Washing Them And Loosening Debris While The Vacuum Removes The Fluid And Chemical Residue.
  • Stubborn Carpet Stains May Be Treated Several Times Or, High-Temperature Steam Treatments May Be Applied As A Spot Treatment.
  • We Also Clean Rugs However, Caution Should Be Used On Expensive Rugs To Avoid The Chance Of Shrinkage, Discolouration (Resulting From The Application Of Water), Or The Potential For Colour To Run.
  • Upholstery Cleaning Can Also Be Carried Out With Our Extraction Equipment, However, Caution Is Advised On Some Materials Even When Using Water Only As Fabric Dye May Run.
  • We Are Happy To Attempt Heavy Stain Removal On Most Upholstery At The Customer’s Risk And Discretion, Although in Most Cases We See A Huge Improvement.

*Most carpets are cleaned without issue, and end up looking and smelling like new, however, heavily marked, worn, or damaged carpets may show areas that look better after cleaning but will remain discoloured. Carpet cleaning can also restore volume and softness in most areas, however, this is not always possible on older carpets and in high-traffic areas where carpet fibres are damaged, although improvements are significant.

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Our Service Areas

Below is just a sample of the areas that we visit, as there are far too many to mention. If you live in Cornwall and are looking for a cleaning company that you can trust, please get in touch.

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Carpet cleaning costs vary depending on room size and number of carpets. Typically, there is a basic charge of £45 that covers the call-out and 1 medium-sized carpet. Additional carpets are charged at £10 – £20 depending on their size.

All our estimates are free through our quotation form, just choose our carpet cleaning service and add as many details as possible in the message section such as how many carpets, rough sizes, and whether there are any deep stains (and what caused them).

If you have any upholstery or rugs that need cleaning, provide details on their condition and fabric types.

We have public liability insurance to cover any damage caused by us, however, this has never been a problem in the past.