Oven cleaning Service In Cornwall

Our oven cleaning service restores your oven as close to its original condition as possible so that it looks great, smells great, and helps to prolong its life.

Our Oven Cleaning Service

A dirty oven can ruin the look of a beautiful kitchen but they are not easy to take apart and clean. Over time, grease and carbon build up inside the glass and fan casing causing it to look bad, smell bad, and work much harder than it should which can lead to premature failure.

It’s not only the oven itself that suffers, the electric or gas-fueled hob can also become impaired due to heavy grease and carbon deposits. Gas hobs can lose their ignition, or jets can become blocked. Electric cooker surfaces often become stained through grease and spills.

And don’t forget the extractor hood and filters. We will examine your filters and advise if they need replacing before cleaning and putting them back. The external hood will also be degreased.

Our Cornwall oven cleaning service uses the right equipment for the job, cutting through years of baked-on grease, fat, and carbon. We take your oven apart to clean it inside and out.

When we’ve finished, you will think we have replaced your oven with a new one, as it’ll be clean, shiny, and smelling fresh.

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What Does Oven Cleaning Cover?

Our oven cleaning service is perfect for any type of cooker or oven including single or twin ovens, electric or gas ovens, built-in ovens, ranges, and aga’s. We clean all accessible areas including the fan housing, light bulb housing, racks, baking trays, filters, and hobs.

Below are some examples of what’s included in an oven clean:

  • Removal And Cleaning Of The Oven Door And Glass From The Oven Door.
  • Removal And Cleaning Of The Back Plate/Fan Housing.
  • Removal And Cleaning Of Light Bulb Casings.
  • Removal, Inspection, And Cleaning Of Extractor Filters
  • Degreasing And Removal Of Residue From Inside Oven.
  • Deep Cleaning And Degreasing Of Oven Trays, Racks, Grill Trays And Other Accessories That Are Part Of The Oven. (Third Party Baking Trays Are Not Included Unless Specifically Requested).
  • Gas Hobs Dismantled, Degreased, And Cleaned To Remove Blockages From Jets And Residue That May Prevent Ignition.
  • Cooker Hob Ceramic Glass, Enamel, Or Stainless Steel Surfaces Degreased And Polished.
  • All Other External Areas Such As The Hood And Backplate Are Cleaned And Made Free Of Grease.
  • Experienced Cleaners Carry Out All Cleaning.

*While these are examples of what’s involved in our oven cleaning service, it’s not always possible to remove certain stains caused by oven-cleaning chemicals previously used by the owner. Certain chemicals used to clean glass surfaces can cause permanent misting. Also, rusted fittings and screws on old appliances may prevent us from accessing some areas.

Oven Cleaning Service Gallery

Our Service Areas

Below is just a sample of the areas that we visit, as there are far too many to mention. If you live in Cornwall and are looking for a cleaning company that you can trust, please get in touch.

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We have answered some of the most common questions below, however, you can also visit our main FAQ page for more general questions. 

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Oven cleaning costs vary depending on the type of oven. A single oven can cost as little as £45 whereas a double oven can cost up to £65. An additional £15 is added for gas hobs or £10 for glass.

Argas and Ranges cost between £85 and £120+. however, the price can be broken down for select areas to be cleaner.

Extractor fan cleaning starts at £15.

Replacement parts can be fitted with prior consultation on cost and to obtain the part required. Bulbs can also be replaced at a cost of approximately £4. The cost of filter replacement is dependent on the type required.

Whatever type of oven you have, it will look and smell like new when it has been cleaned, prolonging its life and saving you the cost of a replacement for years to come.

We offer free estimates on all of our services which you can request through our quotation form.

Provide as many details about your oven, such as the age, make, is it gas or electric, does it have a gas or electric hob, does it have an extractor that needs the filters cleaned, and whether any bulbs need replacing.

We have public liability insurance to ensure you, your oven, and your property are protected against injury or damage. We inspect the oven before cleaning to identify any damage already present.